Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Some Cattle Egrets at Trucking Yard Lane

After an alert from my friend Kim I found we needed some seed broad beans and smoked trout from Bngendore and was thus able to justify taking El Camion Real to Trucking Yard Lane to check out the Cattle Egrets.

This first shot is definitive: white heron looking birds and a cows patootie.  Gotta be a Cattle Egret
Count them: 3!
This more serious image gives a good idea of the overall 'look and feel" (aka jizz) of a Cattle Egret not in breeding plumage.
 Half the egrets, double the patooties - but grey rather than black.
 Also one White-faced Heron and a few of the 100+ Pacific Black Ducks and 50+ Grey Teal.
Three reflected Pacific Black Ducks, not a rare bird but I like the image

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