Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Recent doin's

Following the event described in a post from Sunday I have been banned from driving (by my surgeon, not the cops) for a week or so.  So I haven't been out much.

Frances noted that I was getting getting cabin fever and taking snaps of her (not a hardship I'd have to say) taking snaps of kangaroos on our lawn ...

... so decided to take me for a drive where I could look at birds without having to get too strenuous.  (Getting strenuous is also banned.)

Being a passenger means you can add to your collection of photos of traffic light control boxes as you go!

We ended up at West Belconnen Pond - site of the COG walk a month ago.  There were still quite a few birds around, although the large flock of Cormorants and all the Great Egrets were elsewhere.

This Mallard hung around long enough to display his nice orange legs (and the curly tail feathers are just visible).  His mate looked to have a fair dose of Pacific Black Duck in her gene pool.
I did manage to spot one Freckled Duck, but as it was mid-morning others might be hiding under the bushes and reeds.
 Ibis have been in short supply for the past two years but numbers are building up in the area.  This one was causing alarm and despondency in the local frog population when not perched on a railing.
 The area was generally well maintained and a bit of initiative shown in features such as the shelter sheds.
Roll on Monday and get the stitches out!

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