Monday, 1 April 2013

March Weather report

March is a transition month, officially regarded as the first month of Autumn, but still quite likely to include some warmth.  (The 39C we bumped into at Lake Cargelligo on the 27th of the month was a nasty surprise however.)

Here at Carwoola we didn't get that high but did record 5 days over 30C, with the highest temperature being  32.1C on the 7th.  At the other end of the scale 15 days had a minimum of less than 10 degrees, with 2 days recording a technical frost at less than 2 degrees.  The lowest temperature recorded was 1 degree on 18 March.
The average maximum temperature for March was 25.6 degrees, a little lower than the 26.9 recorded for February and a lot below the 32.6 achieved in January.

Rain? What is this thing called rain?  With 3 wet days, we recorded 14.5mm of falling liquid during the month of March: this is 206mm less than in March 2012.  By the end of March we are 280mm below the same date last year (which did have a very soggy start).  The average for the 1st three months of the previous 6 years we have been here is 243mm: this year we have received 171mm.  I suspect the word drought will be getting an airing very soon.

I have put up a special post about humidity concluding that the 5pm reading was a reasonable indicator.  This chart shows that March was generally higher in humidity that the average for the preceding 3 months.
I realise that there is no causal link between progress through the month and humidity but this chart does show how March was moister, despite the actual lack of precipitation.  Possibly the real interpretation is that December - February were very dry months?

For wind direction March continues the situation from previous months with the most common direction for the wind being NE round to SW.  The month and previous 3 month values for proportion of observations from the 16 directions have a correlation coefficient of 96%.

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