Monday, 22 April 2013

A small speedbump on the road to recovery

On about Thursday last week I responded to a couple of comments that all was going well.  I grabbed hold of my desk as I said that but I seemed to have been touched a part that was something other than wood. Surely the Noo Joisey Ikea, from which this furniture was sourced, wouldn't sell plastic desks?

One of the body's defense/repair mechanisms is to put a bunch/flood of lymph and other fluids into an abused area. This was causing things to get a little tight so I thought some anti-inflammatory analgesic was the go.  By Friday morning this had caused a similar effect to that achieved by 70s rock stars sticking half a coconut into their Lycra, so off back to the hospital.

My surgeon felt he needed to see what what was going on so another period of unconsciousness (for me) followed.  It seems that all that was occurring was a lot - about 250ml- of subcutaneous bleeding and after he put in a drain and I stayed in hospital for a couple of days all is hopefully back on track.

It is interesting how many of the staff involved have come from other countries.  Taking a guess in some cases and asking questions in others my guess is that various folk came from Lithuania, China, Sri Lanka, India, Ghana and Kenya plus a few other places where I didn't want to guess.  I merely mention this out of interest, and to offer a gesture involving one (or two - your choice) of digits towards the anti-immigration folks.

Whatever, I am now back home.

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