Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Are the seasons a little confused?

There is a fair bit of evidence around that things are happening on time.  We have a bit of Autumn colour (known as Fall color to a fair proportion of the readership) in the area.  I say "a bit"

  • after watching a program about the conposer John Adams last evening which included some images of Yosemite in Fall; 
  • thinking about the October view down Wolf Creek Pass (CO) when we lived in Colorado; and
  • remembering the colours around New England and NYC when we lived there.
I'll begin with a couple of maple leaves.

 A pistachio on our lawn.
This pin-oak is about peak value now: the leaves don't fall off until Spring but just hang on, dry and brown through Winter.
In Inner South Canberra the trees in Telopea Park were doing their thing.

Also seasonal, and sighted on the way back from Telopea, were soldiers practicising their stuff for ANZAC Day (25 April) at the Queanbeyan War Memorial.
I am not sure if flowering Camellias are seasonal.  My memory is that even Sasanquas normally come a couple of months later.  I am not complaining about a bit of colour in the garden however.
However, I am reasonably sure that it is out of season for Little Corellas to be making nice, even in Teleopea Park where that sort of thing is common with H. sapiens.

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