Saturday, 29 December 2012

Trip to Tumut and Tumbarumba plus

This blog has been a little quiet recently, partly due to:
  • a storm just before Christmas causing some internet difficulties (this is coming via an Optus dongle as ADSL is still not available);and 
  • our subsequent town collecting trip to the Western Slopes area.
The latter trip had a specific objective of seeing how the small dog enjoyed a camping trip.  She'd never experienced this before and it would seem to optionate us somewhat for other trips.  In fact it was a great success and it written up in 2 posts on my 'Travels with a Tick Magnet' blog.

The first post covers Tumut and the campground on the banks of the mighty Goobarragandra River.  The second deals with Tumbarumba (and Macropeus cruentus); Batlow; Adelong and Tumblong.

Note that there is relatively little natural history in this, more travelogue and settlement history with a liberal dollop of War Memorials.

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