Monday, 17 December 2012

Another day in the life

The catalyst for this post occurred close to the end of the day, when I went to our nearest dam about 9:30 to chuck in the prawn shells from our tea.  (They don't compost well and stink up the garbage if left lying around.)  When I do this I always shone the light around to see if there is anything interesting and on this occasion was rewarded by seeing the back half of a tortoise - presumably an Eastern Long-necked turtle -diving out of view.  This is the first time I have seen one on the property although they are quite often seen crossing the roads in the area.

It seemed a bit thin to leave a post at that, so here are some other photographs I have taken over the last couple of days: nothing dramatic, just things I have enjoyed or found interesting.

The first few images are of the colourful flowers around our garden.

 Orange lilies
White lilies
Pink Lily 
Red Lily 
Salvia 1
Kniphofia (Red-hot Poker) 
Penstemon 1 
Penstemon 2 
Salvia 2 
 Helichrysum bracteatum
The sloping paddock visible from my study has become covered with grass as the drought has broken (and horses kept away) and this is seeding time.  Lots of parrots turn up to eat the seed.  The flock of 10 Crimson Rosellas did not get snapped but this Galah posed nicely.
 This shot was supposed to show a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo with its crest fully erect.  However it appears that crests have a sensitivity to cameras pointing at them and detumesce as soon as they come into focus.
It is not at all clear to me what this one is eating.  It looks a bit like a horse by-product but they are not in that area.  Perhaps it is a dirty tuber it has excavated?
 Striated thornbills enjoyed the birdbath on a warm day.

I have lost track of the amount of strawberries I have picked.  The big day was at least 3kgs and I suspect we have been averaging over 1Kg per day for more than 3 weeks.  The freezer is bulging and our friends are very happy.
 We have also got some red currants and the raspberries are beginning to hit their straps.
The garlic was dug up, and placed on the veranda to dry.

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