Saturday, 22 December 2012

A spectacular set of storm clouds

While watching TV tonight I became aware of the sound of thunder.  On quickly checking the local weather radar I found that that there was a huge thunderstorm (considerable red in the radar image) just to the East of Bungendore.  I took a couple of quick photographs from the deck....

 .. and returned to watch the rest of the TV show.  (An excellent documentary about NASA - this episode covering the Gemini missions.)  Once that was done I walked up our drive to the end of Whiskers Creek Rd taking photos as I went.
 The moon got into the act.
 I recall a flight into Johannesburg where the pilot said that Summer thunderheads there go up to 60,000 feet (say 20km).  This one might be of that order.
 At my level the sunset had vanished behind the Taliesin Hills but it was still hitting the high clouds.  This is my favourite shot.
 A couple of detail shots for the Cloud Appreciation Society if they happen to swing by!

We got no rain at all, and there wasn't a severe thunderstorm warning on the BoM site!

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Mary Chamie said...

These are fantastic shots, Martin. Glad you took time out to photograph the show.