Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas in Canberra

Today 19 December I was in central Canberra acquiring a Christmas present or so.  The first thing I noticed was that there were heaps of folk around in various watering holes, often clutching small, Secret Santa type, objets (sic).

Outside the Canberra Centre there was a nice bit of public art (the young lady doesn't have severe hepatitis but merely a good serve of privacy inducing Photoshop obfuscation).
On going in to the place (at about 2pm) there were hordes of folk present.  I needed to find and do a transaction in the Apple Store.  It was hopping:
In terms of lively spots I would rate it right up there with B&H Photovideo on 9 Avenue in Hells Kitchen.  Some points to note from the image are that the punters in red shirts are not activists for a Thai Political party but the help for the store.  They all seemed to be busy helping other folk but before I became annoyed a voice said over my shoulder "You look as though you need help!".  This turned out to be a black shirted guy with a badge saying "Dugald' Manager".

In a very short fashion he produced just what I needed and produced - from his pocket - something very like an iPhone which handled my credit card and emailed me a receipt!  Now that is what a technology store should do!!

Several bouquets to Apple for at least getting the store right.  There will be updates on how the product goes.

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