Saturday, 1 September 2012

Wattle be the Day

 I was inspired to compile this by Ian Fraser's post in honour of Wattle Day.  It is nice to read in the latter linked page that there is now national agreement that Wattle Day is 1 September.  (If only the State, Territory and Commonwealth Governments could agree on a few more things!)

Although the wattles around Carwoola are not as spectacular as those we saw on Touga Rd last Wednesday they are managing to do a good job.  The Acacia dealbata above is nicely shown against the clear blue sky (actually it was waving around in a strong breeze, and clear = cold).  Here are some closer images.
Acacia dealbata
 Acacia gunnii: a rather small and poor species, but it does start flowering a lot earlier than the others.
 Acacia buxifolia:  one of trees that has grown from the direct seeding by Greening Australia (GA)
Acacia boormanii: this is an escapee from somewhere.  I expect the People for Botanical Purity to be around with glyphosate momentarily.
A few other species are yet to burst from their buds.
Acacia decurrens
By mid September this was in full bloom.  
Alert, and returning, readers may ask what has happened to Acacia mearnsii which previously occupied this position.  In short, Frances has happened.  Specifically she looked at the leaves of adjacent trees and declared them different.
Spot on.  The leaves on the left are from A. mearnsii while those with much longer and more widely spaced leaves on the right are from A. decurrens.  September is spot on time for A. decurrens flowering, while A. mearnsii isn't expected until December!

Acacia pravissima: the previous owners of our place were not into Botanical Purity so we have a swathe of Ovens Wattle up the drive.  This is greatly appreciated by Common Bronzewings when the seed falls!
10 days later and this species is beginning to burst:

 Acacia rubida:  Another species sourced through GA.
This is also coming good 10 days later:


Ian Fraser said...

Very nice indeed! Though I'd have thought that all of those (save boormanii) could well have been there originally. Lovely display.

Flabmeister said...

Greening Australia do try to match the material they offer to that which would normally be on the site, but I haven't found rubida or mearnsii elsewhere on the block. I don't think pravissima is naturally around here, but I hesitate to argue with you, and the way it grows it is certainly happy here!