Sunday, 9 September 2012

Spring puffs its chest out

After a few days away we return to find the weather warm with no ind.  Must be Spring!

Yep!  The Cyanicula caerulea have appeared in their usual spot.  I really love these little gems.
Most interestingly it is 12 days since the first flowering of this species was announced from Black Mountain in Canberra.  The rule of a lag of 1 week per 100m elevation gain seems to be working again!

In another sign of Spring I noticed my first Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) butterfly this morning.  It was a long way from cabbages and slurping on a Hovea flower instead!
The non-native plants are also strutting their stuff as shown by the Prunus above our biggest patch of daffodils.
The buzz of honeybees working over the Prunus was almost deafening.

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Ian Fraser said...

Can't get too much of those gorgeous Blue Fingers - absolutely the First Official Sign of Spring! We are just back from revelling in them springing up all over on Black Mtn in fact.
Re the Cabbage Whites, I think they're only interested in cabbages for their kids; they've got more sophisticated tastes, like Hoveas.