Saturday, 22 September 2012

I'm dreaming of a White Equinox!

The equinox is the time of year when day and night are (roughly) equal which is an outcome of the sun being overhead at the equator.  The reason for inclusion of 'roughly' is explained in wikipedia.

The whiteness I am referring to is because:

  • the bush on our block is absolutely chock-a-block with Leucogon fletcherii  (and closer to the ground Lecopogon virgatus); while
  • the grassland is covered with Early Nancies.

I have put up some snaps of the lilies recently so won't waste your download limits by doing so again.  However I thought the array of Bearded Heaths were worth a small investment.

While wandering I found an attractive Dipterid (aka 'fly') basking of a lichen covered rock.  I was particularly taken with the colour(s) of its eyes.
Not everything is white.  I found a small area with the first specimen of the 'egg and bacon' element of the family Fabaceae flowering for this season.  This is Bossiaea buxifolia.  Hopefully some of the box-like leaves are visible.
Leaves are also helpful in identifying the last of the purplish members of that family: Glycine clandestina.  I found it impossible to get a sharp image of the flowers and the 3-lobed leaves, so have settled for the flower, and a section of the leaf..

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