Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spring hits Kowen Forest

I am not referring to the pine trees but the native forest on the escarpment.  We went for a walk there today and scored some very nice flowers.

Hakea decurrens
 There were a lot of Acacias around,  As I have already put photographs of many species on this blog I didn't double up, but these three are additions.
A, genistifolia
 A, pycnantha - proving its suitability as a national flower!
 A. siculiformis
This area is at least 100m lower than home, and this was reflected in a number of members of the family Fabaceae strutting their stuff.

Daviesia ulicifolia
 Pultenaea microphylla
 Indigofera australis: this bush was at least 2m high and 2m wide.  This was far and away the biggest specimen I have ever seen.
The flowers are very attractive in close-up.  It should be noted that the name has nothing to do with a person (unlike the purple Fabaceae covered in yesterday's post).  I could speculate on the genus name  honouring "Indignant of Shepton Mallet" (possibly a relative of "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" or Angry of Mayfair") but I'd be in error: it means 'indigo bearing'.

Craspedia variabilis
 Brachyloma daphnoides - the first of this species  seen this year!
 Leucochrysum albicans albicans  an allegedly endangered plant which is found on many roadsides!
On our last trip there we became geographically embarrassed.  Stone the crows, we did again today.  The problem was again not having gone as far as I thought we had.  Either I misinterpret distance on the map or we are walking so slowly I overestimate the distance we have covered in the elapsed time.  Whatever: it is very annoying!

There were quite a few birds (about 18 species recorded) but no orchids found, nor any fungi.  No reptiles were seen but the small dog was very interested in a few spots suggesting that there were some around.

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