Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Under the Kunzea

After an exchange with an orchid specialist friend I decided to go and prune some small sections of Kunzea ericoides to see if there were any flowering orchids underneath.  There weren't but there was some nice stuff.

I found many of these rosettes which I expect to be identifiable as Hymenochilus when they eventually deign to flower.
I became really excited by this, which I take to be a Thelymitra pauciflora (?) leaf.  Note the red base, I found a whole lot of these in a spot where they flowered profusely last year so I am hopeful of a repeat performance.
 This is the nearest I got to a flower on an orchid.  The technical term is that it has 'gone over'.  As it was associated with a Thelymitra leaf there was no chance of a flower at 10degrees C!
Moving into dicotyledons, this minute Acacia gunnii was doing its stuff under the Kunzea.
As was this Hovea linearis.  Not the sharpest picture I have taken but if a rich art collector had any cash I could tell them it was a water lily and they'd pay me a motza for it.
Getting away from vascular plants I think this is a liverwort.  Whatever it is quite delightful in detail and at 5mm high detail is what it is about!

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