Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Breeding plumage for Daleks

The Nature of Robertson has commented on the presence of Dalek eggs in that metropolis.  I have suggested that the community should see this as an opportunity and award a prize for the best dressed Dalek (once they have hatched and matured).  They certainly have some good judges in the 'hood.  Can you enter a well dressed dalek in the Archibald?

Anyway a few enlightened folk have discovered that once things are well decorated they tend not to get defaced by naff taggers and the such like.  (This is sort of in line with  Roger Scrutons philosophy that people will protect things they see as beautiful.)

We first came across the application of this in Connecticut, where the decorated traffic light control boxes are a small contribution to tourist attractions.  Some of the boxes in the ACT are decorated in this way and here follows a sample.  I begin with a newly hatched specimen:
 There were a few of thoose around: obviously a population explosion has occurred .  However the mature, post-puberty generation were found readily in North Canberra and Belconnen.  (Some of the images are a bit worse than usual: it is difficult to take great care when trying to take an image before the lights change!  I know where they are and shall have another go later - hopefully the idea is there.)
 The stubby is probably not going to be helpful in attracting a mate!

But wait there is more!  The idea has spread through the tick gates to Queensland and I have been sent this from 'up North'!
This dalek in the Sunshine State was decorated in great splendour to celebrate a Nature Reserve.  Unfortunately a mining magnate reckons he owns what is under the Reserve and is apparently trying to mine it for his personal profit which would basically destroy the Reserve.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin, If you have access to Facebook (shock horror, I know), you can read a bit more "history" about the Brisbane policy on these service boxes or utilities.
Apparently similar decorations are allowed in Wollongong, too.
Some hope for society?

Flabmeister said...


I don't/won't have a Fizzbook account but thanks for the link which will allow the majority of folk who do to follow up.


fnkykntr said...

This is very popular in Brissie, there is even an art book I got hold of that is full of them. They are great! Love the Bimblebox one. You can see hundreds of the Brissie ones here

Flabmeister said...

Thanks for that link Hazel. The first page had some excellent images and I commend the page to other readers. I will try out some of the other links.