Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mainly Heaths

This post is mainly about the attempts of heaths (family Epacridaceae) to come into blossom on our property.

We have thousand of Leucopogon fletcheri bushes and they have, by and large, been looking like this for some months.
 Brachyloma daphnoides point in the opposite direction but are similarly buds only.
Ditto for Cryptandra amara (which I am advised, despite its appearance, is not an epacrid but, with Pomaderris, a member of the family Rhamnaceae).
 For some time the only bright spot in the heath group has been Melichrus urceolatus.
 However, what has catalysed this post was spotting that a few of the very charming Peach Heaths, Lissanthe strigosa, have decided to emerge

To finish off the heaths I have found 1 plant of Beard Heath - Leucopogon fletcheri , see above - and note the weasel words 'by and large', in flower.  So here are a couple of images.

I know that another Beard Heath L. virgatus is on the block, but couldn't locate any of it today.  A week later I did find a couple of plants growing and flowering very nicely.

I did find a specimen of Cymbonotus lawsonianus growing in one of the grassy areas.
 Nearby were our first Early Nancys (Wurmbea dioeca).
 Water patterns in the upper reaches of Canyon Creek looked attractive.
 My final image - largely on the grounds that I took it, so might as well include it, is of a White-winged Chough.  The house area was visited by a group of 18 of these raucous birds earlier in the week.  This one was, with about 6 mates, some 400m further up the block, snuffling on the ground.  Noises nearby suggested that the rest of the group were foraging about 300m away, making more 'normal' sized breeding groups.

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