Friday, 17 August 2012

Spring weather ....

.. is not available on the Monaro today.  It is currently snowing but not (yet) settling.

I'm glad I put 'yet' in the first paragraph.
The next image is of a 'snowflake' that has splatted on to our deck and shows it to be about 2cm diameter.  I have put quotes around snowflake as it is actually an accretion of many individual flakes.  When I was growing up in England we called this type of snow 'goose feathers': later, in Colorado - the home of powder skiing - we heard it referred to as Sierra Cement.
I will really have to man-up to fit in my run today!  As we headed off to town for said run Frances took this photo of the Tailesin Hills en blanc et nuage.
In fact the run wasn't too bad.  Especially on the outbound leg with a tailwind, and me wearing most of the clothes I own!  The weather didn't improve much, other than a rise in temperature.  This shot - again taken by Frances shows Mt Ainslie about 1530.
When we got home (about 1630) some 10mm of precipitation had occurred.  It is still going on at 1740.  The day's total was 16.5mm.

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Denis Wilson said...

Aaah, I drove into Goulburn yesterday, and commented to my companion that the low, grey clouds to the south looked like Snow Clouds.
I was right.
Glad they stayed to the south though.
The last thing I need is snow on the ground here, at present.
I can enjoy your Snow, vicariously.