Friday, 3 August 2012

In the spring a middle aged (?) man's thoughts ...

.. turn to pruning.

But before we get to pruning I say we are getting close to Spring because of
  • the ruckus the local birds (especially the magpies) are kicking up in the mornings; and 
  • the range of marsupials around.  In addition to the usual Eastern Grey 'roos and Swampies since we returned from Eyre Peninsula we have seen Brush-tailed Possum, Wombat and Red-necked Wallaby.
While we were away I noticed that vines in Sunraysia looked a tad unkempt, while those in the Barossa looked rather spiffy.  On getting home I took a critical look at our vines.  They were much closer to the Sunraysia model.
 However a bit of work with the secateurs got them much closer to the Silesian ideal.
 The plum and apple trees in the vegie garden were equally unruly ..
 and got spoken to equally sternly.
A couple of days later I started to discipline the strawberry patch.  This is before thinning:
 after thinning and
 finally after the pine needle mulch was added.
As a comment about the pine needles they not only suppress weed growth but also make the soil more acid.  Since the area I gather them from is prime wombat territory, there is also some addition of cubic nitrogen!

Although the dry weather (6mm of rain in the last 3 weeks) and continued cold nights are making everywhere look drab, there are a few nice flowers around the garden.

There are signs of a future good show of daffodils
and tulips.
Out on the property the only significant flowers are the first outbreak of Acacia dealbata.

Down on the ground there are some vegetative signs of the orchids to come.  Another good year for Glossodia major looks likely  ..
 . while this Bunochilus sp looks as though it will be first cab off the rank.
Also at ground level the moss appears to be revelling in the high soil moisture left over from the heavy rains earlier in the year.

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