Thursday, 30 August 2012

Daffodils (and Hellebores) do the right thing

Following yesterday's glories of native flowers (or in the case of orchids, leaves) I was inspired today to take a snuffle round some of our daffodils.  In part this was inspired by the post on Nature of Robertson covering Denis's crop.

The Carwoola plantation is coming on nicely. This first bunch are at the foot of the steps leading on to the lawn.

 Another group form a good contrast with the hellebores which have kept some colour around the place through the cold murk of Winter.  There is more on hellebores later in this post.
These have a more orange trumpet
Little white ones make a change!
A later flowering more flashy variety.
This is part of our biggest bed: possibly 200 bulbs went in here.  The wire is to stop the wabbits and roos from digging in there.  It is "sort of" successful.
 I am unsure if these are daffodils or jonquils .  I am sure that I really don't care, but just enjoy them!
 The plantings down the drive are being much slower to flower as shown by this lot down by Whiskers  Creek.  In some cases this could be explained by planting into solid shale while in others it is probably a factor of elevation, so these get the cold air roll down on them.
On the Southern side of the house there are lots of hellebores,  Some are cream

 while others are purple.

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