Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Some Thoughts on climate

Today ( 26 May 2010) we have had some more reasonable rain.  It started about 5:30 am and went until about 10:30am totalling up to 15.5mm.  This was enough to get both our creeks running and to top up our house tank.  Compared to last year, in aggregate for 2010 we are up to 312mm which is the same amount of rain as had fallen up to 3 October 2009!

What is particularly interesting to me about this is where the rain has come from.  And I don't want any smart comments about 'the sky"!
  • About half the amount fell in a very large episode in February where the rain came from the North, as a cyclone remnant headed down the Coast.  
  • This latest lot came from the East due to a low pressure system sitting off the South Coast pumping moisture inland.
  • A fair proportion of the rest was Summer thunderstorms.
The main point being made is that very little of it is coming from the traditional source, of fronts moving through from the west of the country.  They nearly all seem to get to about Mildura and do a dive South, which is good news for Melbourne but no help to us.

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