Friday, 7 May 2010

Making sawdust

As we had a few spare $s recently we decided to acquire some nice furniture.  A friend from our plant-walks had commented that her daughter's husband was well regarded in such matters ".. but he is pretty expensive."

So we took ourselves off to the showrooms of Dunstone Designs in beautiful downtown Fyshwick.  This was rather like Aladdin's cave, without 40 militants hiding in the big vases!  From glancing at a Furniture magazine they had around it seems that they have won many prizes for their stuff.  And well deserved too: after seeing their stuff, everything we saw in other shops - regardless of price -  looked bland and boring.

Evan and Fenella (the Dunstones) showed us the stuff they had on the floor and talked to us about customised things.  Eventually Evan had to go off back to the workshop (in even more beautiful East Queanbeyan - behind the Motor Registry) to, as he said ".. make some more sawdust.".

After a fair bit of measuring and thinking we put in an order for some stuff: mainly dining chairs and book cases.  Basically in jarrah and Evan came and scoped out our place to get a feel for what colours would fit.  (He also agreed to solve a small problem with the second hand jarrah table we had bought some time earlier which was a tad wobbly.)  We then thought a bit more about it and put in another order for some more stuff (lounges mainly).

An issue with buying stuff off excellent craftsmen, who are known as such, is that there is a queue.  In this case there was a huge order for an executive dining suite, in addition to the 'normal' queue which meant our stuff would not be done until May.

In early May we went - at Evan's request - to check progress, and specifically to offer an opinion about some alternative seat bases  Here are a few images of things being done.

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