Saturday, 15 May 2010

Birds from the bike

While El Camion Real was getting a service in Fyshwick I took my bike for a stroll out to the Fyshwick poo-pits and back via Newline Quarry Rd and Molonglo Reach.

The poo-pits (which are interestingly in the ACT rather than NSW, perhaps proving that Canberra takes a lot of shyte from Queanbeyan) had a few interesting but not photogenic birds.  Getting to Newline I began by riding down the road to the Quarry where parrots and Cockatoos were the name of the game.

I found a large flock (185+ birds) of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos at the far end of the road.
 Along the way I noticed several Red-rumped Parrots exploring trees with hollows and spouts.  The image doesn't show the red rump but does give an idea of how colourful the male of this species is.  (The females are much drabber, and even the males vanish into grass due to their broken colour pattern.)

On the way back to the car I snapped this Darter hanging out in the Molonglo.  For a bird that seems so black'n'boring at a distance the patterning when seen up close is magnificent!
This is actually a parenthesis to the title of this post as the image that follows was taken from my car about three days later.  It didn't seem worthwhile doing a new post but I like this image of two Crimson Rosellas.

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