Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Life was meant to be easy?

On our last trip to Adelaide we brought back a couple of items of furniture.  One of these was a wooden divan which Frances used to sleep on at her Grandmas (thus its probably an antique!) and on which we have slept when visiting her Mum.

Apart from maintaining this emotional linkage Frances thought it would be just diddly installed on our deck where she could sit in the sun.  So that has been done and she and the small dog were well ensconced there this afternoon while I was off doing alpha male things with my old trailer; the wood heap and my log splitter.

There is one issue.  That is, that the corner in which the bed is positioned is also the chosen roost for a White-throated Treecreeper.  We used to deal with this by putting old cut-up wine cartons on the deck to collect the guano.  With the prospect of the divan situation I put up a shelf to collect the crap.  Unfortunately Mr Treecreeper has decided to hang out below the shelf.  Bugger.  Herewith a couple of pix, one showing the long view and the other some detail of the bird.

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