Thursday, 13 May 2010

Plants indoors

It is a funny old season with baby Brown Quail seen running about a couple of days ago and native plants in flower all over the place.  However the weather has finally decided to get down to Winter business with our first frost on 12 May!  This nailed all the dahlias.  However we still have attractive flowers to look at indoors. 
Here are two flavours of Xygocactus, a Begonia and something unknown but pretty in blue.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Interesting that the first frost "nailed" the Dahlias. You are considerably colder than here, obviously. Up until now out seasons have been very similar. Now you are entering your "strength" - Winter.
I have a Tree Dahlia which normally only gets about three flowers before the frost hits it.
This year it has been going for a whole two weeks. Getting more and more flowers each day. OF course, it is destined to turn to mush, soon.
Something fascinating about growing plants at the extremes of what they will tolerate.
PS Love your Tree Begonias.
Can't help with the Blue plant.

Flabmeister said...


These were ordinary dahlias. For some reason tree dahlias do no not happen here, unlike Bruce where we used to get really good blooms at about this time of year until a solid -4C or so would finish it.