Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The seasons get confused

This is supposed to be the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, known as Autumn in the UK and Australia or Fall in North America.  Continuing the educational (or obscurantist) thrust of this blog I have discovered that the terms are actually derived from French and German respectively.

We are certainly getting plenty of fruit and vegetables still.  There are a heap of grapes, the pears are coming good, and the apples are about to enter plague proportions.  In the vegetable department we are still getting enough tomatoes, zucchini, trombacini, cucumbers, capsicum and chillis.  The pumpkins are just waiting for a frost to firm them off.

The natural world is totally confused however.  Yellow-faced Honeyeaters have started to migrate (right on average time) and the first Golden Whistler - a beautiful male - turned up yesterday (again on time).  The plants however seem to think it is Spring.

This Daviesia ericoides should flower in September rather than March!

So should this Urn Heath Melichrus urceolatus.  The buds certainly form at this time of year but they should stay closed until Spring

I guess spiders can turn up any season.  However I am rather pleased with this image, taken by flash at 10pm  so have included it here!

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