Monday, 15 March 2010

An era passes

I don't normally do stuff about people dying.  However I feel that a brief public acknowledgemennt of the life and death of Milton Valentine is well merited.

I have known Milton (aka Floggo, or for the benefit of those who haven't done many Pipe Flat 20s, Mr Flog) since about 1984.  We did a heap of Pipe Flat runs together and also quite a few 60 odd km bike rides. He was a legend and an inspiration. 

The runs and rides were a hoot because Milton's sense of humour made these endurance (by my standards) events into a bunch of laughs.  The longest lasting joke (for me) was first made in the course of a bike ride where he said - just after the Queen Mother had cracked 100 years of age - that he and I together kicked her butt for longevity.  He can now discuss that with her up close and personal: good luck your Majesty.

For someone as active as Flog to end up dying, in great pain, of a real nasty cancer was a bugger.  I'm glad he won a Vets handicap last year (2009) and I'm sorry he won't be around to win any more.

As his rally team said after Possum Bourne's doctors turned off the life support:

"Peace Milton, peace'

Donations to Cancer Research woud be really good.

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