Monday, 22 March 2010

Perons Tree Frog

Frances came running into the house this requesting a speedy camera. She had found a big frog on a red pot.  Of course by the time we got there it had moved, but was then kind enough to pose on a white plastic shopping bag.

The big toe-pads say "tree frog"  and the cross shaped pupil says "Perons" (Litoria peroni).  Here are the pix.

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Martin
Our localities are often "in synch", with Swifts, recently and now Frogs.I removed some rubbish from an old covered trailer, last week, and found the biggest, happiest Peron's Tree Frog - nearly covered the palm of my hand.
Because I was "working" at the time, (actually there were two other guys working, and I didn't want to stop them working) I just let him go, so no photo this time.
Amazing how it has lived in side this tightly sealed trailer, sitting in an old paint tin, half-full of water. But he was happy and healthy. Obviously he knew how to get in and out, easily enough. Frogs are a good indicator of a healthy environment, which is ironic, as he was living in a load of stuff waiting to go to the "tip".