Sunday, 28 March 2010

Persons at work (reprise)!

The first wordof the title of this post was chosen to reflect the fact that cleaning up our stable this morning was facilitated by Frances getting to stage 3 (with a gold star) lumberjacking.  (The last word reflects the fact that I have already done a post with that title.)  She has already shown great aptitude in hanging on to a rope to stop me dropping a tree on (a) my head or (b) something valuable, such as our house.  Today she was engaged to hang on to bits of the yellow box which have sat in our stable for close to three years after falling into our vegie garden while I wielded my chainsaw to get it into a stove ready size  My goodness her work made made life easy for me.

A while back I wrote this post about the difficulty of getting people to pull their finger out and do some work.  There have been a few developments since then.

The Camion Real ( a play on a 4x4 being a truck - 'camion' en Francais -  and the Simon and Grafukunkel song 'El Camino Real - the Royal Road) has got its roobar and spotlights.  I ended up being very pleased with the attitude and ethic of Subaxtreme and feel much happier driving around Carwoola after dark.

Ovr the 3 years that we have been here our TV reception has been variable from very good to awful.  Of course, it was worst on ABC, which is the channel we watch the most.  The final straw was the Government rabbitting on about the wondrous new channels which were coming on HD digital: I could see that getting a barrage of ads about this when we could only get low resolution (which is in fact pretty good when the picture doesn't break up) or analogue (to be turned off in 2 years or so) would drive me nuts.  So we got Palmers TV to come out and do a survey to find out what the problem is.

Basically the initial problem was crappy connections everywhere, which they fixed.  They also sold us  - after I asked about it - a HD set-top box.  YOWZA: what an improvement.  It is a tad tricky to operate since we now have two ways of getting signal into the TV: directly through the set-top box and through the DVD recorder.  It seems that for ABC, receiving through the DVD recorder is still subject to break up (to the extent that we go back to the ghosted analogue).  I didn't realise what was going on for a while and was about to deliver a large roost: fortunately before launching I checked where we were watching through, and signal coming on HD is brilliant.

We have made verbal contact with a guy to come and fix our gas heater.  However he hasn't yet appeared so is going to get a large serve early next week.

A carpenter has appeared and assessed our 'step situation' on the deck.  He measured a lot of things and went away to come up with a quote, saying it would be a few days before he got back to us: that runs out about Tuesday next week when he'll get a reminder.

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