Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Clean up Palerang Day

Clean-up Australia Day was Sunday 7 March 2010.  I had decided that:
  1. I would do my usual clean-up along Captains Flat Road; but
  2. Not formally register with Clean-up Australia since in the past the amount of stuff (forms, boring newsletters etc) they sent me as a consequence of regstering was such that I felt I had an overall negative effect on the environment by so doing.
Subsequently I have discovered that I hadn't drilled deeply enough into the Clean Up Australia site.  Going down a level further (or indeed coming in by a different path) showed links to register as a volunteer for a site rather than to register a site per se, which I had mistakenly done in the past.  That would have overcome point 2! Oh well, bugger.  At least my patch got cleaned up.

In the event we didn't get back from Adelaide until reasonably late on 6 March and it was pouring rain on 7th and 8th.  Thus I didn't get to my task until 9th March.

The overall outcome was similar to usual, collecting 2.5 bags of recyclable stuff and 1.5 of non-recyclable.  In terms of the number of items it was the usual suspects: beer bottles, Coke cans and bottles and detritus from McDonalds.  I should stress that this really can't be blamed on the companies: their end users need to have a brain implant such that they don't chuck stuff out the window of their car.  If Frances and I can make a 14 hour car trip from Adelaide to Carwoola without throwing stuff all over the country why can't someone make it between Queanbeyan and Captains Flat or Forbes Creek without making a mess?

Last year a major offender was an energy drink called 'Mother'.  I think I picked up a dozen or more cans.  This year I didn't see one!  A growing item was P-plates: about 6 were discovered beside the road.  Interestingly they don't seemed to be marked as recyclable so they went into the crud bag.  Something that could be changed by the licensing authorities methinks.

For the previous 3 years the school bus shelter has been a pretty pristine area.  Not so this year, as it was a real mess. The worst offender was a breakfast drink- about 8 empty containers chucked on the ground.  Either:
  • some new kids have arrived and need to be told something, or
  • the parents who used to clean the place up have left.

Perhaps putting a Clean-up Australia poster in there might make the little blighters think?

The single worst area was in a ditch where some thoughtful soul had chucked a couple of sacks of household garbage,  What a pillock.  I have found my book of Yiddish curses so will start to give vent to my feelings in that expressive language by suggesting replacing 'pillock with 'kuperner shtern" or brass forehead which idiomatically translates as an impudent and shameless person.  Another possible substitute for pillock is 'dover akher' one of two ways of saying pig - but this one is always a swine, never a cute little Porky item!

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