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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The quick and the dipped

In 1997 we were touring Europe and checked into a campground near Bled, Slovenia.  The Julian Alps were glorious behind the site but I didn't take a photo as they'd be better in the morning.  The morning was overcast and the mountains socked in.  They remained so for the rest of our stay.  So in our household the "Julian Alps Rule" means don't wait for something better but do it now!

That was very much the case with this morning's sunrise.  Frances mentioned it looked pretty good so I went out and got a couple of quick pix.

 As is so often the case the trees got in the way of the scenery  so I fired up the Pajero to drive up to the road to get a clearer shot.  By the time I got there - perhaps 3 minutes later most of the colour had gone.
By the time I got back to house (another 3 minutes) grey was the only colour avaailable in the clouds!

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