May weather 2018 (preliminary stuff)

This is mainly going to be a post of photos I want to link to a weather forum.
BoM rainfall in last 24 hours (0915 4/ May)
I have developed a set of estimates of the average proportion of annual rainfall occurring by a specific date.  Simple arithmetic (ie division) enables year to date falls to be projected to an annual total.  Here is the situation as projected each day thus far in 2018.   Each of the few days with rain stands out clearly!
That was almost all the rain we scored in May.  For the 29th the forecasts initially promised us a few millimetres but have then dropped back to resemble the last line of an old Limerick
A mathematician named HallHad a hexahedronical ball,     And the cube of its weight     Times his pecker, plus eight,Was two thirds of five eighths of fuck-all
However as the day progressed some cloud began to build up and the radar looked a little promising.
The system is moving ESE so we could get a drop!   By 1900hrs we had received 1.2mm and the NSW radar image suggests some more might be possible.


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