Homeward bound

The last morning started with a really great sunrise.
 Once the sun really up, it disappeared into some clouds but the effect was still interesting.
We went for the traditional last morning walk and on returning noticed a Koala arse parked up in the usual tree.  I had worried my flash had scared it away, but it seems it just decided to flash back!

The rest of the morning was pretty much spent packing up and tidying up.  Then on the road, which was uneventful until leaving Bombala.  We got stuck behind this truck - registered in Victoria like therude log truck going down - and had to follow it for about 10km.  OK on the downhills but dropped to about 30kph on anything like an uphill.  Of course part of the problem was the Galah behind him who wouldn't overtake.  Also with Victorian plates: why can't Victorians drive a nail in a plank of wood?.
 Fortunately he turned off towards Berridale.
 As we neared the Snowy Mountains Highway we passed three trucks all adorned with signs warning about "line marking ahead".  Here is the line marker: allowing for the capital cost of the various trucks I reckon it would have been more cost effective to have taken a few unemployed persons and given them a couple of brushes and a few litres of Taubmann's White.
Once past that - and Mr Plod should note it was the passenger taking the photos - it was a simple drive back home, where we arrived at just on 3pm.


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