Seen in Woden

On our trip West I reported how we got dinged by a rock from a truck (I think somewhere outside Wentworth).  Today I took it to Aussie Windscreens to get the glass replaced.  They charge about half the price of most insurance repairers and (more importantly) can do the job within 24 hours rather than having to wait a week to be fitted in.

I was able to drop the car off and walk to the BBQ Stakes on the other side of Hindmarsh Drive.  As I had plenty of spare time I did a bird walk around part of Lyons.  A pleasant walk apart from these idiot tradies parking their truck across the sidewalk
 Although it is the second-last day of astronomic Autumn there was still a little colour around.  Both leaves ... 
 ... and berries.
 While I waited for the other runners to urn up this lady turned up.  I think she was speaking Italian, and probably on the horn to a relative in Rome.  Anywhere closer and they wouldn't need a phone to hear her  My goodness she was loud.
 After the run, which I thought was quite successful personally, I went on to Melrose Drive where I noticed this mural for the first time.

Well done Woden Community Council!


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