Hot Steaks are good

Today was rather like the weather on 17 February last year but so far there have been no idiots cutting iron over the hill.  A few folk in the area (those who didn't get their fuel reduced last year) have been a bit edgy.  It was definitely warm at the start and there seemed to be a headwind.  However once on to the dirt track it seemed to switch to a tail wind,

I passed my version of 2km in about 19:30 which wasn't too displeasing - I seemed to be going a fair bit faster than my last effort.  It was good to be catching someone for a change.
Its even better to find Rad is out and about and enjoying his participation. 

But wait there's more good news .  We don't have to go all the way to the top of Oakey Hill!  Even with the tail wind that would have been ungood today.
There are two good things about this photo:

  1. I wasn't sitting in traffic on Hindmarsh Drive; and
  2. There's a nice shady underpass coming up!

Being in good form (OK sort of, I shall come back to that later) I didn't hang about in the shade but pressed on across the dust towards halfway ....
.. which I achieved in 30:46 (so km 3 was about 11:16).  On on over the crest and down to km 4 in a further 9:07.  The 5th km was even better in 8:51.  Being a chump I forgot to stop my watch at the finish but reckon I took around 10 minutes for that!

So I was very happy with my time of about 58:30.  Much more work to do but I'm going in the right direction.


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