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This blog started when we lived in a Carwoola, a rural residential area close to Canberra. We are moving to a split lifestyle with an apartment in Civic in Canberra and a larger house at Mallacoota in Victoria. Posts about the new residences will start when we complete the moves.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

A better drive

Some years ago after a storm scoured our drive badly we bit the bullet and fixed up the bit from the Creek to the house. The first stretch has since eroded a fair bit and we decided last year to get Tim Gardner to weave a bit more magic on the top stretch.
We had arranged for him to come round at 1pm on 17 February and I was at home waiting for him when I got a phone call suggesting I look at the smoke coming up from Taliesin.  Later than afternoon we - having evacuated to Canberra - got a text from Tim saying he wasn't coming as he was a bit busy bulldozing firebreaks around Carwoola Homestead!

We then deferred action until the heavy traffic of rebuilding our stuff was finished but have now got the work under way.  This first image is the start of laying the recycled bitumen from the Creek upwards.
Here's the bobcat prepping the road.
A big truck, with a dog-trailer. 
Noting my current skill level at backing a 6x4 box trailer I was impressed with Tim slotting this monster down the drive.
Another load delivered.
I always wondered how the front of the truck got emptied.  The answer is to jack-knife the dog.  If you need some work done on your drive, tilt your computer sideways and you can read Summiitt's phone number!
The next morning we had a nice drive to walk down.
 .. thanks to the big roller.
 The water tanker was filling up from a billabong on Whiskers Creek.  Conceptually the water was donated by our neighbours (who share the drive anyway) so thanks Don and Di.
 By midday on 1 February things are looking very nice at the Creek.
 There was a kit-jam at the road end!
 Which was soon resolved in a backwards direction.
The secret to success is getting just the right amount of water into the 'gravel' to get it to settle properly.  A few mm of rain would be nice - but are currently looking unlikely.
 More spraying with the roller vibrating in the background. 
We could actually feel the vibration in the house: as snakes don't like vibrations I reckon we must have scared them from the entire Whiskers Creek area.

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