A look up page for 2016 Census posts

The idea behind this post is to give an easy way of identifying the posts I have done about the 2016 Census and indicating what they are about.  This will be updated as the impulse strikes me to work on other topics.
  • 10 Collection phase Dwelling count; age profiles,collection methods 170627  My observations in Carwoola Talks about the collection process in our area.

  • 21 Data quality Imputation rates 170712 Imputation 1 A brief look at rates
  • 22 Data quality Imputation rates, collection errors,CIAP 170712 Imputation 2 The importance of collection methods in determining imputation rates.
  • 23 Data Quality Imputation rates, collection errors 180221 Census imputation by type of area; Comparison of urban and rural rates of imputation 
  • 29 Data quality Output media, Data consistency 180217 Dwelling counts Identifies and resolves some issue with different sources of Census data.


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