Open wide!

Yesterday after the downpour a female Eastern Grey Kangaroo appeared on the lawn with a few items dangling from her pouch.
Eventually Junior decided to let its head see what its back end was experiencing.  And got a nice maternal licking for its troubles.
The first example of open wide refers to the Mum's pouch: I have never seen the opening stay exposed like this before.  I was also intrigued that Junior's shoulders appeared to be coated in yellow-pink slime - much the same appearance as a new born lamb - and that is what Mum was licking off.  It looks almost as though it's the lining of the pouch. Hopefully some of the Wildcare folk will comment on this.

Today our lawn was revisited by a Sacred Kingfisher.
 It seemed to almost have hiccups and every minute or so would open its beak very wide!
Here is one of the Tawny Frogmouth chicks with its eyes open: at some points it had its eyes and beak wide open but I couldn't carpe that momentum!
There is nothing 'open' about this male Superb Fairywren.  However they really are spiffy little birds.


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