More men at work

These guys were from
 ... who are the concreters engaged by Masterbuilt Garages to get things ready for our big shed/carport and garden shed replacements.  Yhey had bought a;long a Dingo to smooth a few things out.  I was very impressed with the skill and precision of the way the operator manipulated stuff to fill holes.
 then he put some form of road base on which his offsider smoothed out.
 Other folk - I think there were about 8 of them in total - then did the form work and placed the reinforcing..
Meanwhile up at the top shed the Dingo had done stuff to the bank to get it how required  and placement of the formwork had commenced.
 And eventually finished.
It was pretty good the way the guys worked on through the showers of the day.  this will be continued tomorrow when the pour happens.  Inshallah.

It happened.  The concreters arrived between 6:30 and 7:00 and the concrete not too long after.
 Here is the horde filling up the banks on the top shed. I think there were 6 of them
They had a very wide range of tools for getting levels right and shifting cement around and everyone knew their job.  What they didn't have was a pair of loppers.  Fortunately I filled that void when a tree got in the way of the cement truck getting to the garden shed site.
 This was a full-on operation, after a brief pause while the laser leveler got the formwork exactly right.

 Here is the finished slab for the garden shed ....
 ... and the bank for the top (big) shed.


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