Men at work

The first lot of workers are the fencing contractors doing their stuff with our fences.  They are from Patterson's Rural Contracting and are a great bunch of guys.

They are making great use of this JCB.
 Frances reckons that if she wins Tatts she'd not want a Roller, but one of these.  As they seem to go for $60k or thereabouts (its very hard to get prices on such stuff on line) she could probably have 2 - keeping 1 for Sundays!

When I was studying agriculture I visited the Essex (UK) office of Strutt and Parker (a land management company) and was most impressed that the guy I spoke to had his Labrador sitting under his desk.  My sort of job.  These two spend most of their time sitting in the utes!  I was astonished that they stayed in there despite Tammy being with us.  Very good dogs.
The next workers are the blokes doing ther road works on Captains Flat Rd,  Today they started applying the bitumen to the last bit.  Wooo hooo1

I reckon they were very lucky that this thunderstorm ...
 .. disappeared before it got to us.


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