A near deluge happens

So about 2am this morning I stirred in my sleep and heard rain falling.  That happened more or less constantly until I got up about 5:30.  Turning on the computer here was what the radar had to show.  First the BoM:
  and then Weatherzone.
Pretty consistent images.  After a brief pause the rain resumed
  until by 1000 it looked as though it was passing through.
Weatherzone still looked to be finding a bit more coming our way (and had some very nasty looking lightning strikes happening North of the ACT).
By 1100 everything seemed to have calmed down more than somewhat. No rain was recorded between 1100 and noon.  The following chart compares what I recorded and what was forecast by Time and Date in an hourly forecast.  

I have updated that - but at noon there didn't look, on the BoM radar, to be much more rain around.
 Here are some images of the water around our place, beginning with a drain beside our drive.
 This is the flow in Whiskers Creek above our crossing.
 And this is the flow past the crossing.
Our total fall was 26.4mm - fairly consistent with others records in this vicinity.  I did check against my Nylex gauge at one stage and they were very similar readings (so on grounds of simplicity I will use the weather station readings as the official record).


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