Sunday, 6 August 2017

Winter running and weather

When I went out for my run today I thought of a couple of other bits of crummy weather in which I have run.

Possibly the worst was a 5km run in Ottawa in February 1991.  It was snowing and the wind chill was something like -35oC.  I was wearing:
  • Above the clavicles: head band; baseball cap; toque; and neck warmer;
  • Waist to neck: short-sleeved tee; long sleeved tee; fleece jacket; rain jacket;
  • Below the waist: jockettes; thermals; shorts; gore-tex rain pants; two pairs of socks; shoes.
  • Gloves; ski mitts.
I got home and had a cup of coffee and a hot shower.  Then looked in the mirror and I still had lumps of ice in my beard from breath condensation.

A competitor was a day in March 2006 in New York.  It was a Sunday and my practice was to go for a 12km run from our apartment round the Reservoir in Central Park.
  • I can't remember what the temperature was - probably about -5oC - but it was snowing heavily.  The wind didn't seem too bad until I got up to 5th Avenue, where I realised how the spine of Manhattan sheltered Turtle Bay.  
  • I wasn't wearing as much as in Ottawa and had my spray jacket in a bum bag.  At about 56th St. I pulled into a doorway and "adjusted my clothing".  Probably the only time I have thought well of the Trump Tower!  
  • As I got to the Reservoir there was a loud clap of thunder and I decided I wasn't going to tun on the exposed track up there.  
  • I do recall the guys in the bagel shop looked at me as though I was nuts when I called in to pick up breakfast on the way home.
At 10am today it wasn't as cold as yesterday but I still had three long sleeved layers on the top and a pair of thermals.  Also gloves.  The wind was foul but it was nicely clear as shown in this image from near Captains Flat Rd.
 The Taliesin hills are very clear today  ...
 .. but this is what they are predicted to look like tomorrow morning.
At 1320 on 6 August the first lot of precipitation that might cause this is near Tumbarumba (in a straight line about 150km SW of Carwoola).  That might be going a bit South.  A second line of rain on the radar is closer to 400km West (near Deniliquin).

2 hours later the first front was near Cabramurra - about 50km closer to Carwoola (where the sky was getting much cloudier).  According to the Meteye BoM automatic forecast it is already raining here - and overlaying the radar does show a couple of showers here and there in the neighbourhood.

The system seems to have sped up!  After another 2 hours the front of the front is at Michelago, a mere 40kms away!
The first sound of rain on the galvo was at 1815
We ended up with much less rain than forecast (the front seemed to split up into little showers with random impact).  It was also quite warm (minimum  +4oC) so no snow - just a howling gale.

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