Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Lovely spring steaks

Today had absolutely beautiful weather.  Taken in conjunction with the dense buds on an Acacia at the foot of Mount Taylor ...
 ... one has to conclude that Spring isn't too far away.

Unfortunately I ran like an old mole with broken legs, so a fair horde were already overtaking me as we started the serious uphill on Oakey Hill.
 Another horde came past me on the downhill as we got off the dirt.
 It was good to see that dogs and strollers are both permitted at the Stakes, unlike some less enlightened events.
This heeler was on a lead at the finish but was going well off (physical) leash when they came past me.
A good day for a run and I'm sorry I had to bolt before handing in my card but when you live in a rural area and the guy to fix up your house pump turns up an hour early you have to bolt to minister to his needs!  I'm sure Thommo was up to the job of recording 58th place starting at 11:45..

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