Thursday, 1 June 2017

Mainly Bastion Point

Surprise, surprise there was a sun rise.  It was a bit late as some thick cloud was lurking on the horizon.
 Nothing exciting was seen on the dog walk this morning.  She doesn't greatly enjoy ploughing through the grass and reeds (well over her head) at Bastion Point so we left her behind on our second walk to the sand spit of Bastion Point.
There were relatively few birds there today with the biggest number being a flock of 123 Silver Gulls loafing on a sandbar near the outlet.  (The flock stretched beyond this image if you're wondering about the lower number of birds seen here.)
 A few Crested Terns were mixed in with the gulls.
Only 2 Australian Pied Oystercatchers were present.
 Three Red-capped Dotterels were imitating mice on the beach ....
 .. as were 2 Double-banded Plovers.  According to the new Australian Bird Guide they are supposed to assume breeding plumage in July.  Not these two.

 Here is the seascape taken from the top of the steps leaving the beach.
I was feeling tired today for some reason so most ofthe rest of the day was devoted to a nanna nap!

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