Thursday, 15 June 2017

A stroll up through Cuumbeun

I had to drop the Pajero off at the dealers in Queanbeyan to get the air bag replaced as a recall but needed to be home by 10:00 to talk about the fire with a researcher from Woolongong U (and a rep of the RFS).  As the car was estimated to be needed all day I decided the solution was for Frances to pick me up at the entrance to Cuumbeun NR at about 9:30.

In the event the car was done by 9:35 - presumably I was about the first car in, as the others were delayed by the fog and frost.  This was the scene on Yass Rd after I'd dropped the car off.
 I walked through Queanbeyan up to Old Sydney Rd recording some common birds as I went.  Although Galahs are common I think they are also pretty spiffy.
 The road crosses into the bottom of the escarpment and gets a bit average thereafter.  This is not a shot of the road works near Douglas Close (they don't have quite the slope, but are otherwise similar).
 Spiderwebs were catching the dew.

 To my surprise there was quite a bit of blossom on the Acacia genistifolia (always the first of the wattles to flower).
Some of the Dillwynnia sericea was also flowering - somewhat early I think.
 Melichrys urceolatus will stay in bud for the next 3 months!
 This is Grevillea lanigera and I can't remember how that goes for timing.
The dam on Link Rd was about as low as I can remember seeing it. I suspect there are fish in there as a Little Pied Cormorant flew away as I approached.
There were actually very few birds around on this walk.  I passed through a couple of feeding flocks but think they were almost completely Striated Thornbills and high in the trees against light polarised by the fog.

On the ground were the characteristic indications of Bogan vulgaris.
 Signs obvious don't work on that species, even though there are graphics to overcome their levels of literacy.
 I have been pleased to see this sign in various places ...
 .. and having found this revolting sight rang the number quoted.
 I ended up eventually (after listening to a 30 second rant about "privacy issues") at a number for the Office of Environment and Heritage.  The first response by the person I spoke to - who really sounded as though she would much rather have been somewhere else - was to suggest I might have to ring the Council.  As it was in OEH managed land she eventually transferred me to their shop in Queanbeyan, but as it was after 1630 they were shut!  

Fortunately I have an email address for the Ranger so sent them the above image plus this one showing the location and its geo-coordinates.  Susannah has got back to me quite promptly, thanking me and advising that the cans have been removed
Basically the RID signs are pure public relations flim-flam.  Ring the local office of OEH or the Council and save time. Yet another massive failure by the NSW Public (non) Service.

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