Tuesday, 6 June 2017

From the Plain

I went around the Plain today to try to keep my BirdADay count going.  Fail!  However I did see some interesting sights.

This young male Gang-gang was giving serious beak to the Hawthorns on Hoskinstown Rd.

There were a couple of females in the same bush but they had burrowed in and were not photogenic.

Getting to Briars -Sharrow Rd a flock of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos caught my attention.

I counted the ones in the paddock and there were 224 of them!
I have been trying for yonks to get an image of a Cockie with its crest up.  Usually they put them up and drop them quickly.  This one kept it up for long enough to get a snap: I hope it is just moulting, not suffering from beak and feather disease!
Also in the paddock were  37 Crested pigeons, 6 Galahs, 9 Red-rumped Parrots, 31 Little Ravens; about 100 House Sparrows (they wouldn't stay still to be counted accurately) and a few other birds.  In terms of biomass that is one of the biggest (non-duck) mixed flocks I have seen.

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