Monday, 5 June 2017

Dark matter(s)

In fact I will begin with a near-dark matter, as it is easier to get moonscapes before it gets dark as the light works better.
The blurry bit in the image above is some foliage on a Cypress.  Changing things a little...
 .. and the blurry bit in the image above is the moon.

Going round the house a little and the blurry bit becomes a dead branch on a Yellow Box.
 Looking down after taking that snap and there was evidence that our wombats are still around, and visiting the garden after dark. (Update time: on the morning of 6 June I was out before sunrise getting some kindling and heard rustling under the deck.  There was a very large wombat checking up on Tammie's bone storage.  It wandered off in a steady fashion, rather than the usual high speed charge.)
That leads me on to a couple of other sightings after dark.

A couple of evenings ago I took the small dog out for a comfort stop and heard scrabbling from a tree.  This was a descending Brush-tailed Possum which is not a common sight around here these days.

Then this evening on a similar mission there was movement at the base of the same tree but it didn't look like a possum. Indeed not: it was Poppa Frogmouth giving beak to something - probably an unlucky skink.  I don't often see them on the ground.

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