Wednesday, 14 June 2017

BBQ Stakes 170614

A really excellent early Winter day for a run.  Memo to self: get fitter and enjoy it more (and also go faster)!

The good news is that the handicapper continues to smile on me so I am now only about 2'45" over a time that would give me a chance of winning!

Gordon celebrated his 199th run by picking up a bagful of crud on his way to the start.  A great pity the litter bin that was in the area previously has been disappeared: presumably it is too expensive for TAMS to empty bins.
 Unfortunately I wasn't gaining on these athletes, even before I walked to take the snap.
 More misfortune!  This lot were gaining on me on the final climb.
 They continued to gain on the downhill ....
 ... and through the burb.
 After the road crossing a proto-horde swept past
 Here we see Andrew Luton displaying his shirt.  Only about two years to go until I get one!

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