Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Quidditch happens at ANU

I'm sure you are all up to speed on Quidditch being the game of choice at Hogwarts.  It has in fact become a muggle sport also, with a few modifications for the lack of levitation on the broomsticks.  The ANU team - The Owls - had a recruiting drive today and, as one of our young friends is a player in the team -  Frances and I rocked along to watch.

It was good to see that a bunch of the players had chosen a carbon - neutral means of getting to the game.
Which leads to the thought of when is bicycle Quidditch going to be invented?  The death toll could be huge!

There had been quite a bit of activity on Facebook including this page, still being composed 5 minutes before the game started.
 I like the idea of using a tee-shirt to shade the screen.

The game is taken seriously with people warming up!
Numbers are free choice so both pi and infinity have been used.  I reckon it was miserable to not allow one player to use 'i' as his number on the grounds that while it is the square root of -1 it might be confused with numeric 1.
 Broomsticks are required and I think players have to keep one hand on it at all times.  It looks rather uncomfortable - especially when oe of the dodgeballs hit it.
 Note the green and gold socks.  This player - going under the name of Mortenson (possibly a reference to "A History of Violence") - is a member of the World Champion Dropbears.
 There was a lot of melee play which even after my expert briefing I found a little confusing.
I must now go and re-read some of the Potter books!

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