Thursday, 23 February 2017


We are now back after a couple of days mental health break at Mallacoota.

This was necessary as we needed to get power back on to the house and the pipes around the septic tank repaired.  Major advances occurred on both those fronts today but we aren't quite there yet.

The first advance was that a Carwoola resident not affected by the fire runs an air conditioning business (Heating and Cooling Services of Fyshwick)  and offered all those affected by the fire a free system check.  I signed up for this and asked if we had to have the power on - if so I'd need to find an electrician.  Not surprisingly they had such tradesmen on deck and one was organised to come to our place this morning.  At 7:30  - so an early start for me.

Jesse and his offsider from Harris and Williams were very prompt in turning up and very efficient in testing all the circuits and making sure that everything worked.  Well done guys.

Then the air-con techo arrived and was able to confirm that the system was working well and didn't need repair.  Excellent: as it was 36+C today it was SOOOO good to have the AC going.

We had arranged for our plumber to do the septic stuff but this seems to have got lost in the cascade of insurance company assessors and fixers so another guy turned up from a company engaged by the assessors.  We were able to sort that confusion out and the septic will be fixed tomorrow morning when the full assessments will start.

We were also visited by a local friend who helped shore up a purling that was floating with the universe (and in bad weather could lead to issues with the roof).  His wife gave Frances some very sound advice about garden restoration.

I'd have to say the many offers of help we have received are very touching.  Some are personal, from people we know, and others are community wide.  Great team spirit.


Ian Fraser said...

Thanks for the updates; we're still thinking, albeit helplessly, of you. I am reminded how limited my useful skills are!

Anonymous said...

Dear CK and Carla,

So glad you're ok! Not being on Facebook I checked your blog and noted the brief absence - very glad it was for a mental health break only! I hope things get back to normal soon.

Love from the whole clan,


Flabmeister said...

Thanks Ian and Commander Nonny Mouse.

There could be another update later today, as I think we are resuming occupancy - assuming the plumber's work is successful.