Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Indoor wildlife

This morning there was a loud squeak down our hall.  We had been invaded by a large and frisky Peron's Tree Frog.

 The next image has zoomed in on the eye, just about revealing the cross shape which is diagnostic of the species.
Mr Frog was captured with a butterfly net, which has so far proved easier to use catching vertebrates (a Long-eared Bat as well as the frog) than butterflies, and reinserted onto the wide brown land.

An update is that 2 days later another one was captured in our bedroom.  Again put outside.  It is intriguing how the little sods are getting in.  In this second case it explains a clicking noise I heard during the night, which I had thought was the small dog walking around wanting to go out for a toilet break - but she was still soundly asleep in her bed.  

Somewhat later that day Frances drew my attention to a Jacky Lizard hitting its head against the lounge window.  It was either:
  • trying to get in the house and out of the 40oC heat; or
  • checking out the nutritional value of the invertebrates caught in cobwebs in the window,
On balance I go for the second option.

A little later in the day I went into the garage - which I suspect was how he had got in, and found that grasshoppers were evident.  They were on the walls ...
 .. the floor, and ...
 ... jammed into the bumper of my car.
 Some of them had fallen off the car and were providing sustenance to the local ant community.
I also found a former dragonfly lying on the floor!
When we returned after the fires Frances found a Jacky Lizard had taken up residence on the indoor wall of the garage.

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